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For some of the participants, this meant between two to three days each month used for career development — and ultimately business maturation for their organisation.

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A unique challenge of data competency training for large organisations? The varying degrees of expertise and experience inside the participant group.

This is where effective course structure comes into its own. For example, the Data Champions Programme assigned homework to each participant, making the teaching tangible. And it was agile all the way. But they will be given the tools they need to put new ways of working into their daily methods.

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Over time this leads to business transformation. It all starts with the smallest of steps — a belief in the power of data and the enthusiasm of your team. It gave participants ownership of these new types of solutions. The choice is yours Data competency is a business-critical requirement.

And I really hate the cold.

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Getting into a bathtub of ice? Ultimately dying of weak circulation?

Seems like a harder one. This is bonkers for this little solar powered Aussie. Harder choice.

Easier life. As they say, feel the fear and do it anyway.

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Login Register. Follow us:. The choice is yours Our narrow band of temperature variation is in part causing weak circulatory muscles; so more ice baths for optimal health.

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