10 Steps To Becoming A Successful And Godly Person

10 Steps To Becoming A Successful And Godly Person Cathy Deaton
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So, you feel called to pioneer a new young adult ministry. That is awesome! That is your vision. Visions are visual. Find someone who has been where you want to go and can offer advice to help you get there. Find the experts. Read their books. Reach out to them. Call, email, and chat over a meal if you can. Ask as many questions as possible. Learn from their successes, failures and observations. Paul — yes, that Paul — is one of my favorite mentors. Go find your own mentor who has been where you want to go. Ask questions.

His or her wisdom is more valuable than you realize. Consistency is an important part of creating a successful young adult ministry. The lives of college students, somethings and young couples are transient. That means ministry leaders who focus on this age group need to be pillars of consistency in the midst of a changing culture.

One way you can do this is by setting up small groups. My ministry uses small groups — communities of people who meet weekly to support one another, study and discuss the Bible, and pray. Consistency matters because having a stable group of people builds trust and brings confidence to your life, despite an uncertain life stage.

Discipleship results happen best when groups meet consistently and intentionally, just like fitness results are most effective with scheduled, frequent gym visits.

Steps to Become a Christian

I love to watch people magnets — you know, those who naturally attract and engage others. If you recognize them in your own ministry, encourage them! Call out their leadership skills, and ask them to keep engaging others. If your ministry needs some of these people, pray for God to send them. He can use them to expand the influence of your young adult ministry and raise up and empower other leaders in your ministry.

They will turn your ministry into a community. A large gathering is an on-ramp and invitation into deeper community. Some meet weekly or monthly, and others quarterly. Find the model that works for you; there are so many thriving young adult ministries. It may be formal or informal, programmed down to every detail, or more unplugged. Within your church, think beyond just your department.

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As a college pastor or young adult ministry leader, you should develop a great working relationship with the youth pastor. You can work together to help and sharpen one another.

Think strategically about transitions: youth to college to young adults. Team up with your youth leaders to facilitate these transitions.

The Seven Habits of a Godly Life – Dr. Charles Stanley

The students they currently lead will one day become young adults. As a church body, are we helping equip young people to thrive spiritually when they get to college? Do we know where they are going after high school, whether to college, a branch of the military, or a workplace? If so, can we connect them with campus ministries and churches in those places? Get to know other people who are passionate about reaching young adults. Build bridges of connection with local college pastors and ministries. Sing in the choir, lector, or just be a greeter — any effort is appreciated.

This will help you feel more devoted to your community, too. Do you have any special talents? Offer them up to your church. A great way to truly impact the world the way God wants is to vote according to your beliefs.

10 Ways to Be a Successful Christian

As the Bible is often subject to interpretation, think about what His words mean to you. If we are all sons and daughters of the Lord, what would be best for all of us, men and women, black and white, young and old? Be creative in the name of God. So take that time and do something with it where you can channel your energy and produce something in His name.

This "creative time" is good for you, too.

Seven Principles of a Seeking-God Lifestyle

It can help center you, relax you, and ultimately make you feel better about your situation. We all need to destress from time to time, and this may be the push you need to feel prepared to be a better Christian. He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men. The Bible heavily advocates helping your sisters and brothers — Hebrews Not everything you do has to be productive in the conventional sense, but activities should be engaging and enjoyable. Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to spend some time doing nothing and just being lazy each day.

So how did I start trying to be a man of God? And why is that so important today?

This post is really helpful and will sure change my life for good. Related Articles. Money isn't the only route to happiness! We may or may not feel that our sins are gone, but they are. Toyin, if it helps you in any way, to God be the glory. A great way to truly impact the world the way God wants is to vote according to your beliefs.

This can actually help with your imagination and self-awareness. Stick to your commitments. Planning is not sufficient; keeping your word is also important. If you tell someone you will do something, do it.

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Similarly, don't tell someone you will do something if you're not sure you can. Be honest about your limits. Make commitments to yourself, and stick to them. Write down your commitments and hang them in places you can see. Make sure that your commitments are gradually moving you towards your goals.

Review your goals now and then to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

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Education gives you the knowledge, skills, and credibility to achieve your maximum potential. In terms of financial success, statistics have shown that the more education you have i. Not all education has to be formal. Apprenticeships and long-term training programs are also positively correlated with higher incomes.