A Death in Wichita: Abortion Doctor George Tiller and the New American Civil War

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David Gunn three times outside a clinic in Pensacola, Florida — the first murder of a doctor attributed to an anti-abortion extremist.

Griffin was sentenced to life in prison and was denied parole in Months later, Shannon shot at Tiller as he left his Wichita clinic; law enforcement later found a copy of the Army of God manual buried in her backyard. In July , Dr. John Britton and his bodyguard were gunned down outside the Pensacola clinic. Paul Hill was sentenced to death for the murders and executed in Kopp was also suspected in the shootings of three Canadian abortion doctors and at least one other New York doctor, all of whom were shot in their homes.

Abortion Doctor George Tiller and the New American Civil War

The streets were mostly sleepy, save for a couple of kids on a corner hoping to gin up support from passing motorists for a local youth football team. The parking lot was empty when I arrived at the imposing structure, surrounded by a wide, vibrant green lawn. The Sunday that Tiller was murdered, his wife, Jeanne, was singing in the choir. Roeder came in through the east doors of the church, approached the doctor, and fired a single round. An usher asked that congregants remain seated and then escorted Jeanne out.

Tiller had long been a target of anti-abortion fanatics. In addition to the previous assassination attempt, his clinic had been bombed back in He was regularly stalked at home by picketers. Tiller was certainly aware of the threats but, outwardly at least, appeared to take them in stride. He was exacting and unapologetic about his work, which he knew saved lives, said Burkhart, who worked for Tiller from until his murder.

He drove an armored vehicle and wore a bulletproof vest that Burkhart would see lying on the couch when Tiller was in the office. Wade — an accelerated timeline made possible because he did not deny killing Tiller. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Although no U.

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Home Magazine In the Shadow of Dr. Tiller had also been the focus of efforts by anti-abortion groups and others — including a former state attorney general, Phill Kline — who wished to see him prosecuted for what they considered violations of state law in cases of late-term abortions. The FBI was informed about both instances but said it could do nothing until a federal grand jury was convened. The E-mail Address es field is required. You may send this item to up to five recipients. These rights were won because of tumultuous social struggles, linked to the fact that the U.

To date, shooter Robert Dear has been deemed incompetent to stand trial. According to reports from the National Abortion Federation, which has members in the U.

Abortion Doctor Shot to Death in Kansas Church

Hate mail and harassing phone calls increased percent between and Incidents of trespassing and other acts meant to obstruct clinic access skyrocketed from incidents in to more than 3, in Burkhart has received her share of death threats. Anti-abortion demonstrators in front of the U. Of course, intimidating providers and curtailing reproductive rights are both easier to achieve within a political environment that condones, if not outright encourages, such actions. That certainly happened during the Summer of Mercy. Even President George H.

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As a result, Kansas, which once had some of the most liberal abortion laws in the country, took a sharp right turn toward intolerance. The ruling sets the stage for litigation challenging other abortion restrictions and ensures women will be able to access abortion care in Kansas even if Roe were to fall. Burkhart says that the rhetoric and actions of anti-abortion politicians are really no different from, and may even inspire, the violence-filled rhetoric or actions of people like Randall Terry or members of the Army of God.

Kline is hardly an isolated example. It's not just about being alive. It's about life and what that means. Nine states allow for third-trimester abortions.

The Escalation of Anti-Abortion Violence Ten Years After Dr. George Tiller’s Murder

Giovannina Anthony, an ob-gyn in Wyoming who has supported women who choose to have abortions, said, "Third-trimester abortions are extremely rare. They account for less than 1 percent of all abortions in the United States. To see the human side of the four remaining doctors who follow in Dr.

Tiller's footsteps is to feel deeply grateful for the option that still remains for women and couples in need of this difficult procedure. Throughout the film, you listen to their stories: the couple whose baby has no chance of surviving; a woman who suffered the denial of rape, unable to cope with what lies ahead; and those women who hit the wall of poverty, of not being able to financially take care of another child.

These were among the hardest to absorb. Most of the women worried how they would face their family and friends who were expectant with the joy and anticipation of a new being about to be born into the world. And the doctor repeats the four sentences once again for the patient to remember, so she can return home with something meaningful and true to share with loved ones. Annette P. Cumming, a former nurse and lifelong advocate for women's reproductive health who serves on the national board of Planned Parenthood, appreciated the candor of the film.

She is talking about the fact that a late-term abortion can be a four-day procedure. The woman must first participate in a counseling session; she returns to take a drug to ripen and dilate the cervix; the doctor then euthanizes the baby; the woman is induced and goes into active labor; and finally, the woman gives birth to a stillborn. Surprisingly to some, Dr. Sella says on camera, "This is not a fetus.

Review: After Tiller (2013) Abortion Documentary HD

It is a baby. We see one of the mothers who chooses to have her baby's hands and feet stamped and recorded in ink. It is impossible not to feel the grief that precedes and follows the delivery. Carhart says. The women return to counseling after the delivery, and we see each one of them expressing a sense of relief, not regret. But it is not without the knife-blade of grief for the child they had dreamed of mothering. The film highlights the personal life of each doctor.

Assassination in Wichita: War on Abortion Rights Escalates

Both the male doctors, Dr. LeRoy Carhart and Dr. Warren Hern, served in the military. Hern was a physician in the Peace Corps. They are angry and determined to carry on the work of Dr.

Susan Robinson and Dr. Shelley Sella seem more private in their work, traveling constantly from their respective homes in California, where they live, to New Mexico, where they practice.

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A Death in Wichita and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Stephen Singular is a New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award nominee. His book Talked to Death was made into the Oliver Stone film Talk Radio. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Singular, a Kansas native who also wrote about Wichita's infamous trogretakobers.cf: A Death in Wichita: Abortion Doctor George Tiller and the New American Civil War eBook: Stephen Singular: Kindle Store.

Each of the physicians early in their medical careers made a decision to help women in the name of a just and democratic society. Yet while the death of Dr. Tiller, who was 67, brought a quick condemnation from the White House, prominent Kansas politicians were hard to spot at the funeral. Representatives of the major anti-abortion groups in Wichita were nowhere to be seen either, although a dozen or so abortion opponents gathered in a holding area a few blocks from the church. Roeder, the anti-abortion campaigner who has been charged with first-degree murder in Dr. Inside the church, near the end of the service, Mrs.

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