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Order Status. I usually find my students confidently progress at a quick pace until this point, and then the last 20 pages or so are a real slog. One reality of books meant for beginners is that they tend to be kind of hokey. The first half is especially hokey, common of most method books. A beginner usually has a ton of fire and motivation when they first start learning the piano, and this overcomes some of the hokeyness of earlier pieces.

I use that to our advantage and we usually cruise through the first half quite quickly. But once that natural motivation starts to fade, they hokeyness becomes a problem. These fancier pieces are rewarding to learn but also take quite a bit longer.

by Nicola Ries Taggart

Piano Book. This Teacher's Handbook is designed to be used when teaching Levels 1 and 2 of Alfred's Basic Group Piano Course. This unique method was. Alfred's Basic Group Piano Course, Book 1. A Course Designed for Group Instruction Using Acoustic or Electronic Instruments. By Willard A. Palmer, Morton .

This gives the student perspective, and generally instills a newfound fondness for the easier material of the Adult book. Adult All-Time Favorites 2. Adult Pop Song Book 2. Adult Sacred Book 2. Adult Theory Book 2. The second Alfred Adult book has 15 chapters some quite small , including an extensive review section as the first chapter, and contains 42 pieces.

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This book is 96 pages including the appendix , and thus a little leaner than the first one. I find this leanness to be an advantage, though. Students can usually complete this book without getting tired of it unlike the first book. But those 3-note right-hand chords are a real challenge for most learners, which is why this tends to be a sticking piece. Overall, I find the second book to be a real challenge, though a doable one.

By this point in the journey you start to realize that the path to learning piano is a long and sometimes arduous one. I'm on book 2 now and this week I'm on page ummm ummm ummmmm ummmm. I'm at work so I'll have to call my husband at home so he can look for me.

One sec while I call him. I'm back I'm on page and i start page 32 tomorrow. I also picked up faber and faber book 2 a couple of weeks ago and my teacher liked what she saw so I'm playing out of that one as well in addition to some other supplements. Last week she found this guild repetoir book and she asked me to start on Tchaikovsky Italian Song. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. I went through the Alfred's Book I about 2 years ago.

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I think I spent about months with it. I was also using other books at the same time. I thought the CD was disappointing. It was low quality. It sounds like it was created on a very old electric piano. The piano part is on the right channel and some horrible accompaniment on the left channel. If you just want to hear the piano you have to turn off the left channel.

It comes with a high quality CD with all the music and exercises from the book. So loly, do you still go back to book one to maintain those songs or do you just move on? As for the time frame I can see it taking a while. Like I said earlier I moved fast through the first 50 pages but now I'm at a snails pace. But as long as your learning and improving thats all that matters. I did buy book two as an incentive So loly as you progress with Alfred does that allow you to play other material at the same level without too much trouble?

Hi Cooper Scotts book and TV show is what got me back into piano. I'll have to check out Humphries book So zoso, let us know when you hit book two I know the end of book one gets demanding Hi all. Luckily I have alot of time to practice so I am a few songs away from completion. I can tell you that there were alot of times when I felt hopeless, and then after sleeping on it went back and the songs started clicking.

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When you are sitting there and struggling, take a break. The idea of going back and replaying songs each time up to where you are is good, as your timing improves and you can concentrate on the dynamics and pedaling.

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There are a few songs toward the end that are beating a dead horse and I think my teacher will let me skip a few. Once I got the rythym of blow the man down, I went back to my c version of linus an lucy and now can play that in full. I mistakenly thought you get the left hand going and simply do the melody with the right hand. Like patting head and rubbing tummy. No way.