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Ben Chromyj, the current project manager at Turtle Mountain, says the effort has been worthwhile. Students can do research on the Internet while sitting with their laptops in the cafeteria.

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Turtle Mountain would like to expand its project, but the grant funding ended last year. Monette says project promoters have been meeting with other potential funders. In the future, they hope to increase the number of subscribers and to reduce costs by building wind and solar power generators to provide more cost-efficient power for the towers. Similar plans are underway at the Fort Berthold Reservation, home to over 3, members of the Hidatsa, Arikara, and Mandan peoples. The reservation was divided by construction of Garrison Dam, which created Lake Sacajawea.

There is one antiquated bridge crossing for miles of water separating the two sides of the reservation. Fort Berthold Community College has depended upon a T-1 line to link the college headquarters in New Town to students in other communities.

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To switch from the T-1 to wireless delivery, the college experimented with renting space on a water tower and the local community radio FM tower, according to Henry Sun Mandan-Hidatsa , the acting director of information technology at the college. However, the radio tower interfered with their wireless transmission, and it was difficult for the technicians to service the towers. The college had hoped to put up its own tower on one of the buttes in the area, but several buttes had too much cultural and spiritual importance to be used.

Sun looks forward to the changes that wireless will bring to the reservation. Wireless Internet service can accomplish these goals. We are serving our people with cost-effective technology.

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When Salish Kootenai College began its wireless project on the Flathead Reservation in Montana, Steve Dupuis built upon his experience with radio frequency design and operation and with project design. SKC plans to charge for the equipment and installation, along with a monthly fee for Internet service, and to use that income to help support the project.

The SKC project planning involved elders. Many elders are fearful that the technology will open up the language and ceremonies to non-tribal members. The Flathead Reservation includes mountains, some of which have traditional cultural importance to tribes. On a recent visit to Salish Kootenai College from their homeland in Australia, a small group of indigenous people from Queensland, learned about the wireless project there. They were astonished at seeing snow for the first time but even more surprised to see the tribal college working with such sophisticated technology. Wireless technology can connect Indian people on remote reservations to one another, to educational opportunities, and to a vast array of resources within the realm of cyberspace. Eric Goode's Loft In Manhattan.


Oliver Sacks on the healing power of gardens A neurologist and writer, Sacks noted the importance of green areas to psychological and physiological…. They are standpoints capable of accepting contentious views, leading to discovery and subsequently to creation. Fernanda O'Connell. Though Washington suffered from brain damage and was left immobile, he developed a code by moving his fingers to communicate with his wife, who passed his interpretations to the on-site engineers. It is the ancestor to an endless number of reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, and foundations. I have chosen, among the many pictorial possibilities, not to use classical representation but instead to seek this impact through synthesis - simplifying and fortifying the use of form and colour.

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Invisible Bridges

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Paris, Andras Lévi, a Hungarian-Jewish architecture student, arrives from Budapest with a scholarship, a single suitcase, and a mysterious letter he promised to deliver. That's one of the many reasons Julie Orringer's first novel, “The Invisible Bridge” (​which follows her well-regarded story collection, “How to.

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For Perlstein, the collapse of the Nixon administration exposed a series of fault lines in American public life: between Democrats and Republicans, yes, but also within the parties themselves. We still were wrapped in the New Deal syndrome of believing that government could do all of these things for us. I insist Barry Goldwater never was defeated on the basis of his philosophy.

Invisible Bridges, Invisible Borders

The opposition, aided and abetted by Republican opponents in the primaries … created a straw man, and what the people really voted against was a false image of a dangerous man. This is, of course, the rhetoric of contemporary politics, albeit framed through a more polite and thoughtful lens. At the same time, Perlstein lets us see that this is all part of a continuum, in which a corrupt and virulent culture does not wish to see itself as corrupt and virulent.

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It was supposed to be a skeptical age. But the longing for conservative innocence Ronald Reagan was selling was strong, for those with eyes to see, in all sorts of quarters. For Reagan, short-term loyalty was less important than playing the long game, in which the campaign of might set up and beyond.