RELEASING THE SOUL A Balinese Transformation Ritual

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B ave your own personal Talisman created , specific to your needs and intentions, specially crafted for you. Book your activity here. Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, the art of Tarot Card reading is a powerful and revered form of folk divination. Tarot readings get their fair share of distrust without a doubt. A Tarot reading will provide insight into your life outside of the limited everyday mindset.

Unique places on the Earth are imbued with profound energy. The ancients knew how to identify these areas and built temples of prayer around them.

One such place is a 12th-century temple, carved into a majestic cliff along a meandering stream. Lined with tropical vegetation heralding a Jurassic Park type era, the temple is surrounded by lush rice terraces. Also, learn how to purify oneself with incense smoke, make gestures to greet the gods, and drink holy water. Understand how to properly position grains of rice on your chakras while understanding the meaning behind this sacred gesture. A candle-lit meditation time with flowers and incense offerings will follow.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the sacred energy of the meditation chambers. Take time to express gratitude for your life. As is common in the Balinese culture, ask Spirit to bless and grant intentions as well as bless the planet with prosperity and happiness.

Practicing gratitude invites abundance.

Get ready to:

You might be amazed at what unfolds in your life afterward, as kindness fills your soul. Be mystified, and feel the well of gratitude rise within you. Book your ancient meditation temple chamber experience here. Bali is infused with an ancient and powerful healing tradition.

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On this tour, you will visit an year-old healer who, belonging to the Royal Family, is also one of the oldest and most experienced healers in Bali. A visit to this Traditional Healer can be life-changing and result in physical, mental, and spiritual rebalancing. Find a new stimulating passion for life, possibly healing of traumas and scars of the heart, as well as improvements to an array of conditions such as physical pains and ailments, fertility issues, detoxification, and overall immune boosting.

Inner Freedom

Since we have revised this article, our great master healer has retired, and this tour is currently not available. Do not despair!

March 4-11, 12222

Keep checking back with us at eOasia for updates when we can provide this tour again. The Melukat ritual is a ceremony of self-purification. Translated, it roughly means to cleanse or let go. There are many benefits to this ritual outside of the actual holy water. In this experience, you are touched; mind, body, and soul. Escorted by a Brahman, your journey starts at a temple hidden in the banyan trees. As you take in the beauty, you also experience the intent of each step of the process. Learn the beauty of asking permission. Embrace the lightness of your body as you pass through the different cleansing pools.

Feel the joy in receiving blessings. As well, it is important to offer blessings for the planet for continued abundance and happiness. This memorable experience will last with you the rest of your time in Bali and for years to come.

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The mind, body, and spirit are connected. Take time from your holiday schedule to immerse yourself in this rejuvenating experience combined with traditional Balinese therapies and a plant-based tasting menu. This immersion retreat, nestled in Ubud, is open for day visits.

Bali Hinduism Offering - Daily Spiritual Practice

Enjoy this peaceful location and a choice of healing massage or therapy, including therapies such as chakra balancing or holistic massage. After treatment, a 3-course gourmet meal follows. Take time out away from the phone, the crowds, and white noise to refresh your mind. We all love beautiful photographs that help us capture the incredible times in Bali.

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No fees. A Little World Made Cunningly. Read times. Sep The Island of the Gods.

If you a photography enthusiast or just want to see sites that are not on the usual tourist routes, this photography experience is for you. Guided by a resident photographer and published author of cultural photography books, visit lesser-known places as well as enjoy the immersion into Balinese daily life. If there is a ceremony going on, you will know about it as David, your guide is well connected in the community. Regardless of whether you are a Bali vacation pro or just arriving, you understand that music and ceremony are integral parts of the Bali culture. As the sun sets in Uluwatu, the Kecak Dance begins.

Although mostly watched by tourists, the location of the dance and the dance itself is a celebration of Balinese Culture.

The temple of Pura Luhur is one of the six key temples of Bali. Providing protection from evil spirits from the southwest, the temple sits on the cliffs above the ocean, providing spectacular views. Once seated in the open-air theater with the sunset in the background, find yourself falling into a trance as the performers begin to chant.

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The performance builds until the sunsets, and the fire dance begins. Following the dance, enjoy an abundance of seafood in this BBQ extravaganza on the beach. The show is highly entertaining; the seafood is spectacular. As a volcanic island, and one that is home to an ancient and cultural tradition of meditation, prayer, and reverence, Bali is an intense and powerful place. Many reports that merely being in Bali can bring to the surface old patterns ready to be released.

Harness this spiritual energy with the help of a skilled healer or by way of purification rituals. These energetically charged places are experiences unique to Bali and not to be missed! Hi Janina, Firstly, thank you for your interest in our activities. It is a process of purifying unwanted beliefs, habits or thought patterns to be transformed into more positive energy.

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This fire healing ritual is known to be effective in helping one let go of unwanted aspects in their lives and similarly, bring in and manifest new intentions and new life. The ritual begins with meditation in the fire space, while listening to the ceremony priests as he rings the Balinese Bell and chants Sanskrit mantras to evoke the Devine and blessings of health and abundance.

Following the lighting of the fire, you are invited to participate by making the offerings of grains, lentils and other foods into the fire. Encompass your love journey while in Bali. Designed for couples, this unique experience will start off at the resort temple with a purification ceremony that aims to cleanse the body, mind and soul followed by a guided traditional Balinese wedding ritual. Couples will be encouraged to write their vows together in one canvas where they can keep for decades to come.