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The drying of the hydraulic oil lines is done with the help of a purifier, which removes water and dissolved gas. The contents of the hydraulic system with water can be measured using an analysis kit. A dew point meter is used for the pipes. The large warehouse of our equipment makes it easier for us to get up and running in case of emergency. Most of the services we provide on the field can, in this case, be carried out in our test rooms.

The most common services we offer are:. We can take charge of multidisciplinary projects including engineering, contracting, installation, testing, cleaning, inspection, etc. We have created facilities and services to offer comprehensive care. Piping and processing systems are delivered completely clean, certified and documented. ITM Testing carries out internal visual inspections on all the following components: piping process, air conditioning ducts, water pipes, valves, elevators, processes and other specialized equipment. All inspections can be documented with their associated verifications, such as photographs, USB, External Memories or any computer program.

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The inspection equipment can be completed with additional elements such as distance counters, sealed halogen lights for the inspection of tanks or large cameras, as well as centralized equipment that adapts to the components to be inspected. ITM Testing can assemble inspection equipment to meet customer specifications.

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Bolt Tightening Service. Flushing with Oil. Cleaning with High Pressure Water. Cleaning by aspiration Vacuum cleaning systems VTCS have a number of advantages compared to traditional tank cleaning. Sewage cleaning X-Clean X-Clean is a portable system for removing oil and water particles by flocculation, filtering and subsequent clarification methods using a polymer filter.

Chemical cleaning. Nitrogen Services. Field of Action Purging during closing and maintenance programs Leakage tests of new plants and processing systems Leakage tests of closures, maintenance or system modifications.

General principles

Pressure tests. ITM Testing can offer and operate compressed clean air systems temporarily.


Students will also apply safety practices to these procedures. L The commissioning expertise is a specialized branch of engineering equivalent to the related skills of design, construction and operation. Email required. Mobile plant rooms can be built to any size, provided they meet the constraints of road transport regulations. By implementing a proper methodology, maintenance tasks become easier to assign and schedule. Activities associated with normal every day work have a bearing on the decision as to how much and how detailed the data gathered will contribute to its 'richness'.

Testing Workshop. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health, and environmental practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

Scope 1. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. The following section provides human factors guidance on the production and implementation of procedures. Each of the procedure types listed above all conform to the same general human factors principals. These are discussed below. The content of important procedures should be based on some form of formal task analysis method to ensure that the procedure accurately describes the task it refers to.

In this situation the task analysis will pick up on this and allow it to be incorporated into the procedures.

Reliability engineering

Conversely, any dangerous actions that an operator might routinely carry out will also be detected. Kirwan and L. Operating instructions should be close to the user and kept up to date. The following issues should be considered in assessing operating procedure documentation:. More detailed information can be obtained from the Further Reading Material outlined in the section below. A procedure should always be formally validated prior to it being issued.

Off campus access

The best method to achieve this is a comprehensive walk-through assessment of the procedure in the plant, or with reference to the relevant plant drawing when an in plant assessment is not possible. Guidance related to operating procedures tends to be non-specific, i.

Site, plot and equipment layout

Test and Commission Electrical Equipment for Process Plants (Process Plant Maintenance Book 1) eBook: Wayne Smith: trogretakobers.cf: Kindle Store. Download Test And Commission Electrical Equipment For Process Plants Process Plant Maintenance Book 1 English Edition. Kindle free book,set of English.

However, no guidance is currently available that specifically addresses operating procedures and related issues. Consequently the quality and standard of operating procedures can vary between different companies, and also within the same company if multi-process plants are in operation.

Commissioning Training - Part 5 / 10 - PRE-COMMISSIONING

Lees, F. Kirwan, B. Ball, P. Health and Safety Executive.