Thief Of Lives (Noble Dead Saga:Series1 Book 2)

The Noble Dead Saga, Series 1
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Detective Melegal, struggling to get his life back under control, finds himself with more responsibility that he ever asked for. Not only does his life hang in the balance, but the fate of many others as well. Will his actions save them or spell doom for them all?

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With Venir imprisoned at the Outpost, who will step forward to protect Bish from the rising tide of underlings? Who will save Venir? What about the City of Bone? Facebook Twitter. The Darkslayer series Craig's original series. It doesn't stop there! Read series 2 now. Browse The Darkslayer, series 2. Cookies To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device.

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First, he took from Gavilar a crystalline sphere that glowed with a black light. She had evidently already attracted her spren, as she had the ability to inhale Stormlight and partially enter Shadesmar, though she was obviously unpracticed. We also saw a Herald lurking about the palace and learned that Gavilar was hoping to marry Jasnah to Meridas Amaram.

Yeah, eww. Flashbacks: Kaladin. Each book in The Stormlight Archive features a set of flashbacks that illuminate the backstory of a major character. Kal was often taken by melancholy, but his younger brother Tien could bring him out of his depressions. Only a couple of months before Kal was of age to travel to Kharbranth to study as a surgeon, Amaram visited Hearthstone to recruit for the army.

He aimed to return Tien safely to their parents, but Tien, in keeping with the plot of The Hunger Games , pulled a Primrose as well and died in battle. He paid other squad leaders for new recruits to join his own squad, to protect them from the same fate suffered by his brother. This a running theme with Kaladin: he is driven to protect… and that makes him the perfect choice for an honorspren. Six years after the assassination of their King, the Alethi are still seeking vengeance. Or treasure.

Or glory in battle. There, they perform plateau assaults which result in deadly clashes with the Parshendi who were, of course, responsible for the death of Gavilar Kholin. However, the armies languish. The primary aim of their plateau runs is to beat the Parshendi to the gemhearts, which they cut from the chrysalis of a chasmfiend. Greed and complacency have dulled the edge of the sword that was once a united Alethi army, and the Vengeance Pact falters.

But Highprince Sadeas has other plans. Dalinar and his army are abandoned by their supposed allies and then rescued by Kaladin and the men of Bridge Four. Except in the eyes of a darkeyed slave who is suddenly struggling to reconcile his hatred of all lighteyes with this honorable man who paid such a high cost to grant him and a thousand other men their freedom.

Flashbacks: Shallan. Her brothers suspected their father of murdering their mother, although it was Shallan who had done the deed.

She blocked her memory of the event and the fact that she had summoned a Shardblade to defend herself when they attempted to kill her. Note that her refusal to remember and accept this part of her past has some deep and lasting psychological consequences.

She met Hoid after overhearing him deliver a message to her father from Helaran, and he recognized that she was developing Surgebinding abilities. To prevent her family from losing everything, Shallan decided to appeal to Jasnah Kholin in hopes of becoming her ward and stealing her working soulcaster. The politics on the Shattered Plains promise to heat up as Dalinar, the new Highprince of War, attempts to rein in his fellow Highprinces using a new to him strategy involving politics and subterfuge. After all, countdowns have begun appearing during his continuing visions.

Counting down to the Final Desolation. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to ensure that Adolin is able to ask a boon of the king, to duel Sadeas himself. Four of them.

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At once. At which point, our conflicted Kaladin screws everything up and gets thrown in jail. One full set of the Blade and Plate Adolin wins get gifted to Kaladin, who turns them down because Nahel-bonded spren throw major shade on that stuff. So conflicted Kal, in turn, gifts them to Moash, a man he knows is conspiring to kill the king.

Things are fraught for Shallan as well, as she keeps running into folks who try to kill her. And Jasnah gets stabbed and disappears, assumed dead. And, after finally arriving at the Shattered Plains, conning Kaladin out of his boots, and meeting her betrothed Adolin, she Lightweaves herself into discovering an awful lot about the Ghostbloods. As the countdown nears zero, Dalinar, guided by Shallan, leads an expedition to the center of the Shattered Plains to crush the Parshendi.

They find the center as the Parshendi, having bonded with evil spren, summon the Everstorm and start lightning-bolting everyone. Then, not content with fighting off the Assassin in White, winning a battle while outnumbered by Shardbearers, and saving the king, he soars off into the storm to do more Hero Stuff. Kal arrives just in time to save Dalinar from falling into the sky, and also defeats Szeth once again in a mid-air battle through the collision between a highstorm and the Everstorm.

And Our Heroes all cram the Oathgate platform and warp away, appearing in front of the fabled lost city of the Knights Radiant, Urithiru. Kaladin travels quite the adventurous path through The Way of Kings. From a bridgeman who contemplated hurling himself into a chasm… to a Bridge Leader bent on keeping his crew alive. From a soldier… to a darkeyed Captain. From a broken slave… to a slightly-less-broken Knight Radiant. He outfits his men as proper soldiers and begins training the former slaves.

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After an apparent assassination attempt on Elhokar, Kaladin and the former bridgemen begin guarding the king, as well. In the midst of his duties, Kaladin begins working with trusted members of his crew to test his Surgebinding abilities, which primarily shows him how little he actually knows. After joining a duel in which Adolin and Renarin were being badly beaten, Kaladin foolishly challenges Amaram—who much to his horror, had arrived on the Shattered Plains to a warm welcome by Dalinar—and got tossed in the clink.

Adolin gifts him with a full set of shards which he in turn gifts to Moash.

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He essentially flies or falls, if you want to get technical to the Shattered Plains in search of Dalinar, and narrowly rescues the highprince from a horrific death. He battles Szeth, the Assassin in White, in the skies, and takes the Windrunner Honorblade from him as Szeth is swept away in the storms. The Way of Kings sees Shallan seeking out renowned scholar Jasnah Kholin, elder sister to the king of Alethkar, to secure a place as her ward while actually plotting to steal her Soulcaster.

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Her mission to save her fatherless family back in Jah Keved falters as she becomes enamored of scholarship—and of Kabsal, a flirtatious ardent who often gifts her with jam and bread.